Monsters Multiplayer - AR


For gamers who dream of wreaking first-class havoc as gigantic monters, Live Game Board has created a scenario that sets players on their own virtual path of destruction. Monsters Multiplayer turns any play area, table or floor into an action-packed setting for realistic life-and-death battles.


To help players exercise their inner beasts, Live Game Board uses Augmented Reality (AR) to capture real-world surroundings and incorporate them into game-play for an entirely new and immersive experience. With AR, the company sought to use the actual game board as a real-world target to align both physical and virtual worlds.

The ideal bridge between the two worlds was supplied by the Vuforia™ mobile vision platform because of its ease of use, Unity integration and robust image tracking capabilities. With Vuforia’s Smart Terrain™ capability, the game was elevated to an entirely new level as players can put physical objects around the game board and turn cereal boxes, cups or anything of similar size and shape into towers, life wells or portals used in battle.


Monsters Multiplayer is growing in popularity, especially for players who survive long enough to become super monsters with greater power and shooting prowess. The free game can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play while the game board can be downloaded from the Live Game Board web site.

One of the first multiplayer AR games developed for the Samsung Gear VR Innovator edition, Monsters Multiplayer now is also available for other virtual reality viewers, such as ZEISS VR One and selected Google Cardboard viewers. The Vuforia team has recognized Live Game Board’s innovations by selecting the company as Developer of the Month in May 2015 and showcasing Monsters Multiplayer at this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The game also garnered first place in a mobile apps competition in Slovakia.

“The industry-leading AR expertise with Vuforia has helped us gain fast traction with Monsters Multiplayer while enabling us to develop the first real-time, multi-player AR game for Samsung Gear VR. Overall, our success is measured by the very positive feedback we have received from players.”
Stan Kuhn Founder Live Game Board