Online shopping trends continue their growth as more people browse and buy from the comfort of home. However, not all purchase decisions are easily made through the limitations of a website. This is especially true for significant purchases, including architecture, real-estate, and furnishings where customers want see and experience the product in its natural environment before they buy. With the proliferation of mobile devices and the power of augmented reality, customers can now configure products to the desired size, color, or design and view it in the real world.


Immersive 3D visualizations are powerful tools for retailers and sales, but developing 3D and AR experiences can be challenging. So just as WordPress made professional-looking websites attainable to anyone, ViewAR sought to enable the same ease of creation with AR product visualizations. Today, ViewAR has become a global, full-service provider of 3D visualization applications for use in mobile business contexts.

The ViewAR SDK offers a wide variety of out-of-the-box modules and gives customers the ability to create custom-tailored applications in a cost and time-efficient way. ViewAR depends on the Vuforia engine to guarantee reliable applications where users can interact with, move around, and view objects at the right scale. The multiplatform system runs on iOS, Android and WebGL and supports all leading hardware including HMDs (e.g. smartglasses) and provides pre-made templates for various industries.

“ViewAR has been working with Vuforia, since 2013. Vuforia consistently delivers cutting edge technology, having a head-start with its solutions like VuMark, the first tracking for Microsoft HoloLens or its new cutting edge CAD-tracking. Furthermore, Vuforia is one of the drivers of the entire AR-scene” says CTO & Founder Markus Meixner.


ViewAR solutions have resulted in success for their clients, opening new business opportunities as well as generating profits. One client was Bang & Olufsen, the high-end manufacturer of consumer audio and video equipment. They relied on the ViewAR platform to create an in-home product visualizer for its global salesforce and customers. The BeoHome Design app (iOS) is used in every flagship store worldwide, and delivered such a compelling experience that it won the “Best App” category at Augmented World Expo 2016. 

“The revenue that came in due to the application, paid for it within the first week after its launch,” said Simon Silva, Global Customer Experience Manager at Bang & Olufsen. “It’s about filling the imagination gap. This is where Augmented Reality can truly deliver. It’s so easy now to just automatically place one of our products into a living place and see what it looks like in your home, it just creates certainty in a customer.”

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