Select Australia, the largest publisher of trading cards for the Australian Football League, wanted to increase the value of their product, engage young fans, and boost sales. To do so, they decided to blend the best of traditional card collecting with breakthrough mobile vision technology to create an innovative, fun and unique card collecting experience.


Using the Vuforia™ mobile vision platform, Select Australia built an app that allows fans to scan in the physical cards they have collected into a digital collection, where they can track, record and share them easily while creating their own teams to cheer on and support. Additionally, the app uses virtual coins that can be used to collect exclusive digital cards only available with the app. When scanned, these specially marked cards bring a featured player to life digitally in 3D, providing stats and additional video footage – something simply not possible with traditional trading cards.

The Select Australia app takes advantage of the Vuforia Cloud Recognition service, which makes it easy to support tens of thousands of card images as new physical card packs are published.


According to Select Australia, the new app powered by Vuforia exceeded their business goals -- reaching the company's 12-month download target in just eight weeks. With more than five million cards added to users' digital albums and one out of every four collectors using the app, sales also exceeded expectations. Select Australia reports that more than 600,000 digital packs have been purchased to date and brisk sales continue, thanks to increased sales and strong customer momentum.

“Using Vuforia’s mobile vision platform, we have defined a new benchmark for card collecting globally. Image recognition and augmented reality make it possible to engage and delight collectors in new ways, leading to increased sales and greater customer satisfaction.”
Tony Duclos General Manager Select Australia