If a simple picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the value of a life-size, 3D model. Unfortunately, it is often impossible to use an actual product model in the real world. It may not exist outside of a digital CAD drawing, or it is simply impractical to transport. 

What if businesses didn’t have to face these limitations in visualizing their products? Designers could seamlessly validate and communicate concepts to partners and clients. Enterprises would benefit from rapid prototyping, or enabling sales before a product is physically manufactured. Consumer brands could literally add a new dimension to their print advertisements, or help customers visualize their product in store or in home.


Augment removes the guesswork by delivering a product visualization platform for consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, interior design, and many more segments. It is an end-to-end solution to manage, view, and share 3D product models in augmented reality (AR). Businesses upload 3D models to the Augment online manager, so the user can visualize that model, integrated in the real world in real time, via the Augment mobile app. Augment also has developed a free desktop tool for designers to help bridge the gap between 3D modeling software and the model’s final appearance in AR. 

The Augment image recognition capabilities are “Powered by Vuforia™.” Augment also leverages the Vuforia Cloud Recognition service to recognize and track thousands of custom images submitted by its customers. 

“Augmented reality is the next evolution in product visualization. For too long, 3D products have been trapped in 2D,” said Lindsay Boyajian, Chief Marketing Officer of Augment. “The ability to bring a product to life in the real world in real time is a huge advantage for your design team, sales force, and end customer.”



More than 180 active clients, 6,000 daily active users, and 2 million downloads has earned Augment top listings in both the iOS and Android app stores. Customers use Augment’s enhanced visual communication to shorten the production and creative life cycles, and simulate digital drawings in physical space.

For example, Coca-Cola uses Augment in the field to validate cooler design and placement at the Point of Sale. Siemens uses Augment to generate more leads through interactive brochures.

"What we've found through these demonstrations with Augment is that it opens up creative and impactful conversations that we previously could not have had without exhaustive and otherwise lengthy efforts," says Kenny Endermuhle, manager of retail innovation technology at Nestle Purina. "For instance, if we wanted to test a wood floor or new header system at retail, we previously had to physically fabricate the structure, disrupt the store to install and await the results."

To learn more about the platform watch the Getting Started Video or take advantage of the free trial. You can also check out the Augment demos within their mobile app (App StoreGoogle Play), and learn what Augment’s customers already know…seeing is believing.