Captains Conquest


Captain Morgan's Rum wanted a mobile gaming app that guests could interact at pubs with their friends.  The game is launched off of a Captain Morgan's bottle of Rum.

Additional markers for the game may be found in your everyday life, helping to interlace the gaming experience with peoples' real world environments, and associates seeking out the product with the fun of a game.

The aim is to combine real-world activities and currencies with a game-world, by making these things valuable within the game.


  • 2012 Cannes Lion Bronze Medal Award Winner
  • Total Downloads: 321,957
  • Registered users: 142,034
  • Peak MAU (Monthly App Usage): 90,651
  • Peak DAU: (Daily App Usage): 5350 (estimated)
  • Total battles: 2,344,599
  • Total docks (check Ins): 2,092,888
  • Total bottles scanned: 101,933