For Popar Toys, the fun factor comes first in education. A pioneer in using experiential technologies, Popar quickly saw an opportunity to excite and delight students with 3D lessons featuring virtual objects such as planets, insects, volcanoes, the human heart or dinosaurs. While these 3D lessons were somewhat limited, studies showed an improvement in test results, proving the strong link between student achievement and the ability to interact virtually with objects.

To make a longer lasting impact with students, Popar realized that delivering 3D lessons on a mobile platform would work with the devices that kids are using every day. Additionally, delivering lessons on smartphones and tablets would enable Popar to help school districts nationwide to leverage Popar enabled learning materials.


Originally, Popar used its own privately-developed mobile augmented reality algorithms - but all that changed when Popar founder and CEO Scott Jochim attended the Augmented World Expo and saw the Vuforia™ mobile vision platform in action. Impressed with the depth and breadth of the Vuforia toolset along with its ease of use, the company made a strategic business decision to exclusively use Vuforia when developing highly interactive, fully immersive educational content.

The result ignited a company-wide transformation enabling Popar to leapfrog over its competitors with a series of Vuforia-enabled best-selling educational books, interactive charts, puzzles and toys for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.


Popar Toys fully leveraged the Vuforia SDK and APIs to slash app development time in half—accelerating time to market with award-winning, interactive products. The publication of "Bugs 3D!," a reality-infused book where bugs jump from the pages, became an instant hit, winning "Best Toy" at the 2012 American International Toy Fair, the largest toy and youth product marketplace in the Western Hemisphere. This honor was accompanied by a TV appearance on "The View."

Popar Toys also earned the 2012 Seal of Approval from the National Parenting Center, along with Preferred Choice, Book of the Year, Game of the Year and Media of the Year awards from "Creative Child Magazine."

The company's ability to teach through storytelling universally appeals to students, especially kinesthetic learners who benefit most from interactive experiences. As a result, Popar Toys' charts and books are quickly becoming educational assets across school districts nationwide. Earlier this year, when "Dinosaurs 3D" was released, there were more than 50,000 downloads of the accompanying AR app in less than 30 days.

Available online at Amazon, Google Play and Apple iTunes, an ever-growing list of retailers are making room for the 20+ Popar products on their shelves, including Toys"R"Us, Hallmark and Learning Express stores.