Lykan Live Paint

The Challenge

The Lykan HyperSport is one of the most exclusive cars on the planet, with a price tag of US$3.4 million. The manufacturer, W Motors, offers a wide range of customization flexibility including exterior paint, rims, carbon fiber, interior trims and even precious stones in the headlights.

Like true innovators, they didn’t stop there. Wanting to offer even greater personalization for their customers, W Motors provided the option to add full custom vinyl to their vehicles – delivering truly one of a kind automobiles.  

However, creating the supercar of your dreams doesn’t come without its challenges. With all these customization possibilities, buyers found it increasingly difficult to imagine how their design selections would look in the real world. For W Motors, the customer apprehension or indecision about customization created delays in the sale and production of the final product.

Wanting to provide their customers with a solution that offered as much uniqueness as their cars, W Motors worked with Visionaries 777 to create an interactive, real-time augmented reality experience for design visualization.

“We started working on AR 8 years ago with traditional fiducial markers, and closely followed the evolution of tracking algorithms. The newly released Vuforia Model Targets is a game changer that many developers have been eagerly waiting for quite some time. Vuforia has enabled us to take AR beyond a gimmick and create compelling solutions for the enterprise world.”
Frantz Lasorne, Co-Founder of Visionaries 777 Ltd.


A game-changing solution requires powerful technology, and Vuforia Engine was the clear choice with its leading Model Target tracking. Remarkably robust, the Vuforia Engine tracking of both small and large models allowed Visionaries 777 to develop rich and innovative AR experiences for complex products.

“The SDK works great and is as easy to integrate as previously released tracking from Vuforia,” said Frantz Lasorne, Co-Founder of Visionaries 777 Ltd.  “Taking advantage of the tight integration between Unity and Vuforia, we have been able to fully unleash our creativity and development skills to create, in record time, something never done before on real scale.”


Working with W Motors, the Visionaries 777 team already had access to the CAD files of the limited edition vehicle. Because the HyperSport is incredibly rare and constantly on the road for auto-shows, the agency team almost never had access to the life-sized car during the development process. For testing and iterations, the team used a small 1:18 diecast model which proved to be a very convincing replica. 

“We believe that Augmented Reality is the future; it enables businesses to solve problems, optimize processes and create new opportunities. Our partner Visionaries 777 is helping us stay ahead in the game by applying these relevant technologies throughout different parts of our brand.”
Ralph Debbas, W Motors Chairman & CEO

Finally, at the Tianjin World Intelligence Congress 2018, Visionaries 777 demonstrated the app on the real car. The AR experience far exceeded expectations, creating a seamless blend of the digital on the physical world.


Visionaries 777 showcased the power of Vuforia Engine Model Targets as applied to the real 1:1 Lykan HyperSport at multiple auto-shows around the globe.

Being able to constantly and accurately track the car, visual effects can be created, while outsmarting the physical reality through a mobile device. The app creates a perfect scenario in which the viewer’s imagination comes to life.

The physical car is flawlessly layered with the new digitalized car paint, reflecting the physical environment and surrounding light. The app further enables the user to digitally apply vinyl all around the body represented as racing stripes, graphics, and logos for a deeper and more memorable customization experience.


This break-through Augmented Reality solution created by Visionaries 777 optimizes dealerships and auto-shows in cost efficient ways by allowing them to demonstrate multiple variations of the same car with just one physical car present. Previously, this would require several cars or pictures, which still wouldn’t capture the true customization.

The brand engagement team of W Motors now uses this app to help potential buyers visualize the car in endless design possibilities.

One final re-paint choice!