Moosejaw, an outdoor clothing retailer wanted to get current customers talking about Moosejaw and spending more time with the Moosejaw winter catalog in the weeks leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The Moosejaw X-ray app is an augmented reality experience for Android, iPhone and iPad that allows catalog browsers to see outerwear models in their underwear. The app worked on both the iPad and print versions of the Moosejaw catalog.


Not only did the Moosejaw X-ray app give customers something to talk about, it also led them to spend more time with the catalog which in turn led to a lift in sales:

  • 62% increase in sales during the weekend of Black Friday through Cyber Monday.
  • 37% increase in same period sales.
  • 33% increase in catalog response rate.
  • 500k+ downloads and counting.
  • 500k+ app demo video views.