Scholastic Book Fairs


For over 90 years, Scholastic has strived to foster a lifelong love of reading in children by delivering quality and affordable books and educational products. As one of Scholastic's signature book distribution channels, Scholastic Book Fairs partners with schools across the country to host more than 127,000 book fair events that reach more than 35 million students and families. A portion of the proceeds from the vent go directly to the school.


The Book Fairs are typically weeklong events where children can browse and purchase their favorite books. Every Scholastic Book Fair offers a new assortment of books for the fall and spring seasons and consistently includes the latest award-winners and most popular books, often in exclusive Book Fair-only editions. Scholastic also provides planning materials, promotional tools, and merchandising displays to help the school create an exciting bookstore environment.

Scholastic Book Fairs sought a solution to digitize the fair experience - one that would more effectively:

  1. Help parents match books available at the fair with their child's reading level and interests
  2. Further involve and connect a parent to his/her child's Book Fair and reading experiences
  3. Increase discoverability
  4. Drive book sales


Knowing that families are very connected digitally through camera-enabled smartphones, Scholastic Book Fairs looked to digitize the fair experience by leveraging Vuforia™ in a new Scholastic Book Fair App for iOS and Android. By simply pointing the camera at and scanning the cover, the app offers parents access to information on thousands of books available through Fairs, connecting the physical product to a new digital experience. The app allows parents to access detailed information about the books sold at their Scholastic Book Fair, including reading levels, age/grade appropriateness, and videos and podcasts. From there parents can find recommendations for similar books, create wish lists, or even purchase from the online Book Fair. The app extends the Fair experience and provides a valuable resource to parents that will help them make informed decisions on the most appropriate books for their children.


In the first two months following app launch, nearly 30,000 customers have downloaded the Scholastic Book Fairs app - 72% of which are for iOS devices. Such adoption confirms that parents seek accessible, easy-to-use tools and resources that aid in selection and purchasing of books for their children. The app has received strong ratings, including an iTunes rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars and Google Play rating of 4 out of 5 stars.


Apps like this are a very useful tool for any adult who wishes to help their child in discovering the magic of reading...[the app] gives us a fighting change to get and keep our kids reading as a lifelong activity.
Customer Review
The scanning feature works well and I love having easy access to reading level and other links.
Customer Review

Deborah Forte, President of Scholastic Media, noted that "Scholastic has joined with a best of breed technology partner to meet the needs of our parent and teacher customers."

Alan Boyko, President of Scholastic Book Fairs, noted "This new app is revolutionizing the way parents navigate the school book fair and will help them easily pinpoint the right book for their child. In this era of higher standards, students are required to enhance their vocabulary, read more complex texts, and develop greater critical thinking skills. To do that, we know that our students must spend more time reading independently, and the Scholastic Book Fair app is equipped with the technology to help every child find the books that they cannot wait to read."