Time Tremors : AGO


Getting kids excited to visit cultural institutions is never easy—unless, of course, the experience is more like the “Night at the Museum” movies. Exhibits that come to life and engage children in solving mysteries and collecting valuable artifacts are a surefire way to increase museum visits, ignite imaginations and up the ante on family fun.


The driving force behind the creation of the Time Tremors Treasure Hunt is Xenophile Media, a Toronto-based studio that produces innovative, cross-platform television experiences, games and interactive media in documentary, drama and kids’ genres for broadcasters from Disney to the BBC. This mobile and online treasure hunt combines gameplay with storytelling that traverses time and space to find clues, solve mysteries and overthrow villains.

To achieve vastly more creative interactions with sound and animation, Xenophile Media embraced the Vuforia™ mobile vision platform, which was cost effective and simple to use, thanks to seamless integration with Unity workflows. With Vuforia, the studio quickly infused Augmented Reality (AR) into the game for more realistic and fully immersive experiences. With AR, paintings come to life, treasure hunts become more authentic and museum explorations take on a whole new level. Even the rewards are more realistic as treasure hunters collect three-dimensional, futuristic time treasures straight from the Time Tremors’ story world.



Featured at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), the Time Tremors Treasure Hunt app garnered an International Emmy nomination for Best Kids’ title before winning an International Kids Screen iKids award for Best Learning app. A big hit with young visitors, the gallery reported that 10 out of 10 kids said they would return to the art gallery to play all the hunts while their parents applauded this new and exciting way to see and learn about old master paintings from around the world. In addition, the Time Tremors app has averaged 4.5 stars (out of 5) at the iTunes app store.

Museum and gallery visits take on a whole new dimension with Vuforia. Our Time Tremors Treasure Hunt is capturing the imaginations of both visitors and gallery management. We will continue to evolve this experience to include a wider range of objects in galleries while making exhibit-specific augmented reality much more achievable in museums around the world.
Alex Mayhew Creative Director Xenophile Media