Attach digital content to specific objects.

Model Targets

Model Targets recognize objects by shape using digital 3D models. Place AR content on multiple objects from multiple views on a wide variety of items like industrial equipment, vehicles, and toys.

Area Targets

Area Targets utilize 3D scans of a location and are designed for experiences in large, indoor spaces. From retail stores to factory floors - place content anywhere in your environment.

Image Targets

Image Targets are the easiest way to put AR content on flat objects such as magazine pages, trading cards and photographs.

Multi Targets

Multi Targets are for objects with flat surfaces and multiple sides, or that contain multiple images. Product packaging, posters and murals all make great Multi Targets.

Cylinder Targets

Cylinder Targets enable you to place AR content on objects with cylindrical and conical shapes. Soda cans, bottles and tubes with printed designs are great candidates for Cylinder Targets.

Object Targets

Object Targets are created by scanning an object. They are a good option for toys and other products with rich surface details and a consistent shape.


VuMarks allow you to identify and add content to series of objects. They’re a great way to add information and content to product lines, inventory and machinery.

Expand Your AR Experiences

Ground Plane

Ground Plane allows you to attach content to horizontal surfaces such as floors and tables.

External Camera

External Camera lets you access video sources outside of phones, tablets or AR Glasses.

See the future, see it now.

Vision-based computing is not out of reach. Today, Vuforia Engine is bridging real and digital worlds with digital experiences that delight and astound users. And this is just the beginning. What else is possible?

Background Effects

Want to make your app look like an X-Ray machine? How about night vision? Create your own shaders to implement sophisticated visual effects.

Video Playback

Watch static images come alive in full motion video. Vuforia Engine video playback makes it simple for videos to be played directly on target surfaces.

Virtual Buttons

Imagine a magazine page that acts like a touch screen. With Vuforia Engine, that is possible. Create virtual buttons that your app can see and respond to on top of image targets in the real world.

Occlusion Management

Vuforia Engine detects and tracks targets, even when they’re partially hidden behind everyday barriers, like your hand. Special occlusion handling allows apps to display graphics as if they appear inside physical objects.

Build your vision

For mobile and digital eyewear devices, developers can build immersive 3D experiences with the Vuforia Engine mobile vision platform, providing award-winning performance with creative freedom and flexibility.

Need a developer?

We’re happy to recommend one of our trusted and preferred Vuforia Engine developers. We’ll start by matching you up with a developer based on your location and development needs, and then they’ll work with you to ensure your concepts are brought to life when you need them.