Develop with Vuforia Engine

Every app has unique requirements, which is why Vuforia Engine supports multiple tools that give developers the flexibility to pick the right ones for the job.

See a little, see a lot.

Some apps only need to see a few images. Others may need to recognize thousands of images or more while integrating with a content management system. The Vuforia Engine Cloud Recognition Service leverages the power of the cloud to give you flexibility and scale.

Device Databases

Vuforia Engine device databases enable your apps to rapidly recognize targets. Device databases can be included in your app at installation or updated dynamically from a server.

Cloud Databases

Vuforia Engine Cloud Recognition Service allows your Vuforia Engine-enabled application to recognize image targets through a cloud database, giving you the ability to update targets dynamically, integrate with your existing CMS, and manage more than one million image targets for a single app.

Target Management

Vuforia Engine offers both a web app and APIs that allow you to upload and manage targets.

Create Targets

Upload an image to create an image target. Encode data in brand friendly targets with Vumarks. Turn complex objects into targets with the Vuforia Engine Object Scanner.

Manage Targets

Upload, review and manage targets in the Target Manager for use in device or cloud databases.

Store Your Content

Use the Vuforia Engine Cloud Recognition Service to store up to 1MB of content with each cloud-based target. Use a single query for both recognition and content delivery and create more responsive end user experiences.

Development Tools

Easily add the Vuforia Engine to new and existing apps using leading software development tools.


iOS developers can integrate iOS frameworks and leverage the benefits of core technologies like ARKit.

Android Studio

Android developers can write in Java or C++, then deploy to a wide variety of handheld and head-worn devices.


Vuforia Engine is built into the Unity Editor, enabling the creation of AR experiences using the world’s leading cross-platform game engine.

Visual Studio

Windows UWP developers can leverage .NET frameworks across both Surface devices and HoloLens.

Need a developer?

We’re happy to recommend one of our trusted and preferred Vuforia Engine developers. We’ll start by matching you up with a developer based on your location and development needs, and then they’ll work with you to ensure your concepts are brought to life when you need them.